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Why don't you study Nuclear physics? vol.1

At the bar on the back street, two men are grumbling. One is a fat American and the other is me.

Here is the end of Valletta city, Malta. The time's turning 1 o'clock in the morning. We both are the victims of illegal taxi. I arrived from Sicily an hour ago. Nevertheless I told the driver bring me to the downtown, I was brought to the hotel where is 3km from the city center. So he did for the American guy. Of course, the grumble is for the driver hassled us and the introduced the no value for money hotel.

There is a billiard table in the center of the hall, and a man is poking the ball. Surrounding the table, local women are sitting on the chairs, and chatting each other as watching the billiard. The man treat the women to booze. Watching the fat American and little Japanese who have displeased faces beside the peaceful women the billiard man asks. "Why you guys get so angry, uh?" We explain the reason. The man sticks out his mouth and shrugged the shoulders as if he wants to say "It's not big deal"
It might be "not big deal"on the third person's eye, but we can't settle down the anger easily. As a proof of that, the fat American went back to the hotel because his anger was regenerated with the conversation.

The man at the billiard table is from North Ireland. He told me he cruises around the world with his own ship. He has a stubborn face and puts a worn-out wind breaker. He looks either a drunk or a terrorist.

He says "Young man, don't get angry for such a trivial matter. How much you pay for taking taxi in Tokyo? How match you pay for mid range hotel down there? By the way, are you interested in Nuclear physics?" "Nuclear physics?" I ask him for the unexpected word. "No, it doesn't have any meanings" He dodges.
Well, the things what he said is right. 30 USD for the 4 km ride of taxi and the 80 USD's hotel, it must be a right price in Tokyo.

Oct. 2005

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