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Why don't you study Nuclear physics? vol.2

The man offers me a booze. Passing me a glass of scotch, he continues the words "Young man, you called 'Friend' for the American guy. When did you get to know each other?" I answer that it's 2 hours ago. "Young man, you should not call the person who knew just 2hours ago 'Friend'. Don't believe people so easily. Or you will have a bitter experience some day." It seems like I shouldn't believe even this guy
"By the way, why don't you study Nuclear physics, young man? I went around all over the world like you in my youth. And now, I anchor ports and women all over the world with my cruiser" If it's true, that might be graceful life. But he doesn't look like so rich.

We drunk too much. When he is losing articulation, we kiss the women and leave the bar. I glance my watch. It's 3 o'clock in the morning. He asks me for taking the shoulder. We totter on the sea side street with putting arms on each shoulder. Sea breeze is comfortable for the hot face. "Where are you going back?"I ask him. "To the cruiser" He answers.

Is he really going back to his own cruiser? While thinking about those things, I get to the hotel. I thank him for the scotch. He says "No. It's not big deal. By the way, why don't you study Nuclear physics, young man?" "What do you mean that?" I ask him seriously. However he just smiles and wave his hand "Good night" Although his step is really unsure without my shoulder, he rejects my help and goes off in the direction of yacht harbor. The anger for the illegal taxi has gone away completely.

I had met strange persons in travels. The man who I met at the bar in Valletta is one of them. And I still don't know the words "Why don't you study Nuclear physics?"means.

Oct. 2005

Today's piece
"Arms" Malta 1994

Post Script

Seventeen years passed after Malta, in March 2011, Meltdown accident occurred at the Fukushima nuclear plant. We Japanese experienced radioactive contamination and lost our land.
At the time what I remember was the words by strange guy of Valletta bar. If “Why don't you study nuke physics ?“ means a prediction for this?

I don't mean want talk about cheesy horror story here. However I wonder if the guy was god. It's a god smelling alcohol in his shabby wind breaker.
But my father, you said didn't believe unknown person easily. How I could study nuclear physics after your suggestion?

If I visit the bar late at night, can I see him once again? What kind expression I can make to him? Should I cry in front of him? What he will do for me? Pass me another glass of Scotch and give me another prediction?

Sep. 2012

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