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Eternal loop in my mind

I have special interest in language as much as photography. For example, two countries next to each other have completely different language systems, it's so interesting to me. The one language system came from west while the other from east. It must be caused by movement of the people, speaker. Language system also has been determined by religious or political factor.
A map based on language system or people's features in my portrait works is much more interesting than the ordinary map which is divided by the political border line. In my guess, the political border line is getting more fuzzy in the language map. Then it becomes perfect gradation in my face map.

"Do you need language ability when you visit the unknown place and photograph unknown person?" My answer for this question is always between "Yes" and "No". As talking about the last minute to photograph portrait, the answer must be "No" In this very situation which each person, photographer and model, headed for making good portrait, verbal communication isn't so important.

However on the way to get the agreement, it might be needed to have a process of verbal communication. "I want to photograph your portrait" For the request, most of the adults (not children) ask me "Why? For what?"(It's normal. If strange person with camera is shown in front of me and ask "May I take your picture?", I must ask them "Why?") If I can't describe the reason in their language, in many case I'm refused. It's quite normal too.
On the photographer side I want to know about the attractive model. It could be one and only meeting for each other. Therefore we should know each other. That's my ideal portrait shooting.

As writing like this I remember a portrait of the man who plays a recorder.
On the day, I was walking on the grasslands around Hezuo city of Gansu province, China. In the wind note, I heard the sound of the recorder. When I looked over the top of hill, I saw a man was walking toward me playing the recorder. Under the blue sky of 3100m altitude. "Piccola, piccoli" The man with Tibetan hat was getting closer to me playing the music. It's like a well made scene for the movie. Or it's so perfect that I doubt if it's mischief by the TV show. Then I looked for the hidden camera. A pastured hose beside me said "Hey, It's not TV show, men. REAL"

Of course, I couldn't miss the chance to take a portrait with beautiful landscape. When I met him, I asked him if let me take the portrait. Shortly after, he got into my photo finder without asking me the reason.
"By the way, why does he play the recorder? Because he must be boring without amusement when he walking on the hill. Or it is from special, for example religious, meaning. Although I wanted to know it, I speak neither Amud dialect of Tibetan language nor Chinese. So I was preparing a pen and paper for writing conversation as I did usually in China. (Japanese and Chinese have some common characters) However the man was already getting far away from me. He was keep walking in the direction of another hill playing the recorder.
Then the mystery will remain as mystery forever. "Piccola, piccoli" The man playing the recorder got into the eternal loop in my mind.

Mysterious portrait is not so bad, uh? Gosh! "The necessity of verbal communication in portrait shooting" becomes uncertain again.

Oct. 2008

Today's piece
" Man with a recorder " Hezuo, Gansu province, China 2008

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