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To the sea of Brighton

I take a train at Victoria Station in London when I wanna hear the sound of waves. It's an hour trip to sea side of Brighton, South coast of England.

I get off the train and walk down to pebble beach. A new and an old, two piers are stuck out to the sea. The old one isn't used anymore and the bridge is taken away. The old iron castle is raising from the sea.

I sit on the beach and look over the sea. Two girls who tie each one's leg is passing in front of me. Then another three legged couple passes one after another ...
"What's for the three legs. Three legs day?" I ask to them. "Shhhh.....It's a secret" They say putting a forefinger on the lip. I cannot find out what the event it is after all. I can't find out anything, always like this.

I lay on the pebble and close my eyes. In the winter sunshine, I feel scent of Spring.

Mar. 2007

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" Brighton beach " Brighton, UK 1994

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