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Topo Gigio

After spending 3 weeks in Malta, I'm back to Sicily. I walk on the sea side street around the old city of Siracusa. There is the hole on the road side fence, which didn't exist 3 weeks ago. And crushed Fiat 500 is smashed on the rocky sea shore below my eyes. A new bouquet is thrown next to the car. I watch carefully the fence. I see many holes and devoted flowers. "So Italian ...."

"I'm starving. I wanna have lunch" I'm looking for restaurant in the old city. I come across to spaghetteria on each side of the alley. I had wavered between the two yesterday before I chose one. "I'll try the other one for today" I think so and sit at the table.
Shortly, the man who seems owner come over to me and says. "Hey, You went into the spaghetteria on the other side yesterday, uh? Promise me that you'll never eat at the restaurant any more. Or get out here!" His attitude gets on my nerves. However I think about his words again. If it means he has some self confidence to his dishes. So I answer in small voice. "Yes, I promise you. I'll never eat at the restaurant opposite"
After all, I find the taste doesn't have big difference to the yesterday's one. It must be jealous of the owner. "So Italian....."

In the twilight downtown, I hear the voice. "Hey, Topo Gigio!" I look back reflectively. Yes. I was called "Topo Gigio" when I was kid. The Gigio was puppet mouse, who was lead character of children's TV program. And his charm point was two front teeth and big ears.
As you can easily guess, I had two big front teeth and big ears in those days. Generally speaking, nickname is put so easily and it effect to all the life.
The boy doesn't care me at all and calls again. The other boy walking just front of me looks back. "I lose ..." I surrender to him when I see the face.
"Is Topo Gigio Italian TV show?" So I check up on dictionary. It says "Gigio the mouse" "So, he is Italian....."

Apr. 2006

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