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300 Mickey mice vol.2

A week stay in Taketomi Island of Okinawa had been passing almost half. I took a sightseeing carriage with buffalo. The young guide plays the sanshin guitar very well as guiding.
When we were passing a house, he described "The resident of this house is the oldest man in this island. He usually sleeps on the terrace in the afternoon. How's today? He isn't there. You see? I think it's too early for sleep"
Well, sounds interesting. But ... I thought. "Is it OK that the private life becomes the subject matter of tour guiding?" On the stand point of resident, it's quite common that tourist's eyes came into a private life. Not only for a festival, from an entertainment meeting for elder people to a graduation ceremony of junior high school, the tourists joined as a spectator. And the residents seemed to accustom to the situation.

I don't think it's a bad thing. But whenever I got across these kind of situation, I thought the border line between public and private was not clear in Taketomi. However, I noticed later. It's not "unclear" but the border itself was set on the deferent position. The real life of Taketomi residents are placed much more inside than shown up.

For me, Taketomi was one of the most difficult place for taking photo. Unless every thing was shown up and 250 thousand tourists took photos, I couldn't get into behind it.

However, think about it again. I don't need to know inside of Mickey mouse. "Why can't I just enjoy it as an excellent attraction?" As thinking like that, I feel like I am a really perverse person.

Sep. 2005

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"Nagomi no tou, observation tower in small island" Taketomi Island , Okinawa, Japan 2002

Inhabitant of white night forest Kihnu and Taketomi

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