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A spring in Majorca

"You would regret, senor. A famous Fire Festival will be held here in Valencia tonight." Honestly, I felt some regret when I heard it from taxi driver on the way to the air port. But it's OK. I'm going to Majorca in the beautiful Med-Sea.

Majorca is one of the Baleares Islands which is located in the offing of Barcelona. It's also spelled and pronounced as "Mallorca". But I prefer the sound of "Majorca" It sounds like the name of the witch who is very cool. The Baleares Islands also has the island which is called "Ibiza", former hippy's island. However for me, the sound is far behind to Majorca.

Maybe the origin of the name "Majorca " is quite simple. It has the same origin as "Major" in English, means "big (island)" In evidence of that, there is "Menorca", means "minor" or "small", beside the Majorca Island. Actually, it's not a big deal. For me, the most important thing is attractive sound of the name.
I should regard Majorca as in "The Med-Sea cultural range" rather than the Spanish or Cataluna. The structure of the house with bow windows in the Med-Sea style and landscape of the rocky mountains and coast line with cliffs look like, for example, the one of Corsica Island in France. When I see the French like name of "Polença"or "Port soleil", I knew that I'm in the Med-Sea Island, not in the mainland of Spain.

Shortly after departing from a historical city, Palma with small train, you see some beautiful villages in the mountain valley. One of them is Valldemossa where composer F.Chopin and his sweet heart, writer Gorge Sand passed a winter at the monastery. Chopin's "Prelude(Rain drops)" and Sand's "A winter in Mallorca"was written here in Valldemossa.
Well, Chopin must be the special feature or Mr. representative of Majorca. Because I heard his music here and there in the island. The most impressive Chopin was the one which I listened in the caves named "Drac" Perhaps, the special situation, the nature made concert hall in the caves, emphasized my impression.
Passing through the high mountain area in mid island, the train come out to the other side of the island. There are a series of cliff coast line. Of course, Majorca also has a few sandy beaches. It has high mountain range but also gentle hills. The weather is mild. So you can see the full bloomed cherry or rape blossoms in March. In the beautiful scenery, road race bike teams had training camp.

Unfortunately in early spring, when I stayed there, the weather was not stabled. Dreaming the blue sky and clear water of the Med-Sea, I had waited recovery of the weather for several days at the port which is called "Cristo". In spite of my wish, the sea in front of me was muddy and no signs for recovery.
The day has come. Finally, I got sunshine. I tripped to "Polença beach"

The blue sky above me, white sandy beach and clear water with high transparency .... Yes. This is the exact Med-Sea which I have dreamed for long time.

Mar. 2006

Today's piece
"Polença " Majorca Island, Spain 1993


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