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"How do you decide destination for travel?" I'm always asked.

For me, the first step is looking map. I can imagine the geographical features with it. Is it favorite one for me? I can also get to know the name of place. I tend to go to the place which has more attractive name. I'm not joking.

In the night, while I join the barbecue party in the youth hostel of Hyannis, Massachusetts, I'm thinking of next destination. I compare two islands. The one is Martha's Vineyard Island and the other is Nantucket Island.
Martha's Vineyard is quite simple name. I don't need any explanation for the name. (If it's possessed by Martha Stewart?) By the way, what's from the name of Nantucket?
It's a strange name to me. May be that's why it attracts me so much. Then, I check the geographical features with the map. Nantucket has a boomerang shape beside triangle shape of Martha's vineyard. A narrow shaped cape, a sand bar on the coast line, I prefer Nantucket in the geographical features too. "I'll go to Nantucket" Finishing all BBQ on the grill, I decide it.

Next morning, I went to the harbor. Buying a clam chowder and The Cape Cod Times, I go on board the ferry to Nantucket. It's two hour cruising.
Nantucket used to be an important base of whaling in the 19th century. I knew the fact much later. My travel is owe to sense more than theory. I think travel is a such thing.

Aug. 2005

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"Cruise to Nantucket" Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA 1992

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