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Floating board

I love all my works equally. However I have favorite works when I standing on the view point of spectator. The photo I took at Hyannis beach of Massachusetts in 1992 must be one of them.

Late summer, in the offing of private beach in Cape Cod, a family stands on the floating board. Perhaps as getting low tide or high tide they are coming back to shore one after another. I don't know in detail
But I feel their emotion on the floating board as if I am there. Smell of sea breeze, sound of wind, faces of family member ... if I got into the scene, I would feel some sorrow of the late summer in it.

I think it includes an important factor to see photo works. (at least my works)
I don't have experience passing vacation at summer house. I have not spent summer days in the nature of Massachusetts neither. So, how can I mentally synchronize to the people in the photo? May be, I found some similarity to my own experience.
I can't tell you exactly where I got the same emotion. It might be on a row boat in heavily crowded summer beach around Tokyo or top of the water slider. But It's sure that my experience connects with the emotion of people in the photo unconsciously.

My photo works are not travel photos. So I would like you to see my works finding some similarity to your own experience rather than difference.
I don't think so many peoples have encountered "Cuban old woman holding cigar at the corner of her mouth". But maybe, there were a stubborn old woman like her around you. It means that. And if you don't find any similarity in your experiences, then you see the work as unknown thing.

Explaining how to see the works. What a nosy photographer I am!

Aug. 2005

Today's piece
"Floating board, Late summer" Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA 1992

Cape Cod summer

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