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YH in grassland and receptionist

The youth hostel of Nantucket was three miles away from the port.
I hired a bike as soon as I arrived the island. It would be my transporter for next several days. As getting some food stuff, I headed for the YH. After passing through antique quarter and woods, I saw a small house of YH in grassland.

The receptionist was a girl who seemed teen-ager. She was reading a book resting her chin on the arm. "Men's dormitory is in the other lodge. And your chore is.... let's see.... cleaning front yard" She said after glanced a note book little bit cheekily. She didn't seem like American so I asked where she was from. She said "Germany" flatly.

The main lodge of YH looked like an old log house of the mountain. But the annex was much older than that. It's something like a class room of abandoned old school. Twenty some pipe beds were placed on a squeaky wooden floor. Afternoon light through the windows were reflected on soaring dusts.

The high school student next bed came from Martha's Vineyard Island where his parents had summer house. He couldn't take eyes off the sweet receptionist. All his concentration poured on her. Maybe, it's the reason why he didn't remember my name at all. He called me "Fuji" many time and I corrected it to "Fumi" for each.

Six years later, I was on the flight from Mexico City to Havana. The Irish guy next to me told that he had worked at the YH until just few day's before. What a small world.

Aug. 2005

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"Flowers and Bicycle" Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA 1992

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