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Grandma's P.O.Box

Beginning of September on Labor Day weekend, sisters of Christine and Backy come to see each other at the Youth Hostel in Nantucket every year.

In their childhood, they used to spend summer holidays at the grandma's house in this island. After she passed away they spend the late summer holidays at the YH. Now, they have each life, so the big sister Christine comes from Maine state and the little sister Backy comes from Seattle on the west coast. Although the style of stay is changed, Nantucket is still their home ground.

At the east end of the island, there is a post office of the district. I was asked by the sisters to check up if the P.O. Box of their grandmother is still there. So, I stop by and get into the post office. It smells like an old library. I see something like a wooden shoes rack in front. "This might be the one" I look for the grandma's name. "Yes. Here is" The faded card is placed in the holder, and her name is typed on it. In the corner of old post office, the P.O.Box which doesn't have the master any more is still waiting letters quietly.

The people who enjoyed the on going summer, the one who long for the old summer days, there were many stories in Cape Cod. As remembering the people, I packed up my baggage for going back to New York. The season was changing to autumn.

Sep. 2005

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"Nantucket window side" Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA 1992

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