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Continuity of cultures

The ship is leaving Naha Shinko port to Ishigaki Island of Okinawa. It will stop over Miyko and Ishigaki Island, and then, get to Khi Loon in Taiwan.

Now a days, most cities in the world are connected by air planes. It means we move from the one point to the other. But in exact, we are moving lineally in the distance.
Let's take some example in "culture". Japan and Vietnam are on the same line of culture although we never conscious of it. Usually we just conscious which meal is more tasty, chicken or fish, in the flight. But below our foot, as going to south west, architectures or people's features are gradually changing.
After all, we get culture shock for dramatically changed surroundings when we land there. Of course, it must be a fan of travel.

However, I think of it on the ship. If I go to Taiwan via Okinawa, I could get into the different culture smoothly. For instance, a stone wall, a wall at gate for a talisman, a "Seaser"animal shaped ornament and a structure of house, all these character of Okinawan residence are really strange for people from Tokyo. But perhaps, it can be relatively familiar for the Taiwanese people.

Once, I was surprised when I found some similarities in a Vietnamese residence to Japanese one. "Seaser"was there and the walls too. Without controversy, both culture have got strong influence of the gigantic China. But the powerful current of culture which make the political border to almost meaningless is really exiting to watch.

The ship is cruising smoothly. I have to get off at Ishigaki island tomorrow morning. If I over sleep .... next stop will be Taiwan. "Getting to Taiwan with over slept" It sounds a little bit stupid ... but exiting.
I guess, in Taiwan, there would be the culture on the same line to Okinawa. Setting up the hypothesis is also a fun of travel.

Sep. 2005

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"Seaser" Taketomi island, Okinawa, Japan 2002

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