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Lookin' up and keep walkin' vol.1

All the people whom I meet in the travel are gentle and friendly. It must be the illusion made up by the TV show. I think that the real world is totally different from that.

Traveling in Cuba was the good example for it. "Yo! Chinito (little Chinese) come over here!" People called me. In much worse case, I was thrown a pebble. Those kind of things were repeated every day. I was so exhausted at end of the day, and I went to a church. I'm not Christian. But people left me alone only in the church. Then I confessed to the God "Today, I swore at the people of this country in loud voice"

In the small town called Vinales, I was so irritated as usual. I went to a bar instead of a church on the day. After a while, a strolling musician with guitar came into the bar. And he played a Cuban music. Then he found me and said "Hey! little Chinese, sing something" I absolutely got tired of this situation. "Come on. Give me a break!" I was drinking to forget the bad things. "OK! I'm gonna sing, so keep a good accompaniment, uh!" Finally, I said to him. Then I sang.

I chose an old Japanese pops "Lookin' up and keep walkin' " Actually, no other song came across in my mind. May be, I thought it was one of the most well-known Japanese songs.

- I translate the title by my self. It's generally known as "Sukiyaki" I don't know who put this stupid name on the beautiful original title. Any way, it didn't matter at all whether it's "Sukiyaki" or "Lookin' up and keep walkin'" because the strolling musician didn't know the song. -

He tried to take codes at beginning and then gave up. After he stopped accompanying, I just sang alone. I heard sleepy clapping when I finished singing. I felt really bad. "Give me even little flattering"

Shortly after, one guy came up to me. "I'm Carlos. Come to my house for doing <Caballo> tomorrow morning if you like. "He said so with the gesture looked like gripping baseball bat in front of his face. I couldn't remember the meaning of "caballo". May be I was so drunk. I misunderstood that it meant a cultivation. What he gestured in front of the face must be a hoe. Farming experience in this small town could be a good refreshment for me. I needed some refreshment. So I said "OK!"

On the way back to B&B, a little question came up in my mind. "If <Caballo> doesn't mean farming?" But no energy was left to me even for consulting with Spanish dictionary.

Jun. 2005

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