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Lookin' up and keep walkin' vol.2

Next morning, I visited Carlos.
"Oh! You really come. OK! So, follow me. Let's go to my friend's house for borrowing it" Borrowing what? As following him, I wondered about it. Yah. We must borrow hoes.

"He wanna do <caballo>" Carlos told the friend. "OK! So, come with me and chose any one of them" He lead me to the back yard. When we arrived in front of the hut, he looked back and asked to me. "Which one you like?" I saw three HORSES not three HOES. Am I a hero of fairy tale?
But, I'm still convinced that <caballo> was a farming. The horses must be for cultivating.

My silly misunderstanding was ended up with the words. They saddled the horse and said "Enjoy and take care!" <Caballo> means hose riding. Finally, I got it. But it's too late.

Generally speaking, the parson who ride a hose first time cannot enjoy it alone. I hired another hose and asked Carlos to accompany with me. The horse was incredibly loyal to the commands which I was taught by Carlos in instant. However, I had no room for enjoying beautiful scenery of Vinales Valley. Add to that, Carlos's command had priority to mine. He often remotecontrolled my horse. He got very funny character in his horse riding game. The horse run suddenly and I was almost thrown off. I screamed on the horse back. I could be killed in such a country side of Cuba. I felt fear not with the brain but with my spinal cord.

I paid for two horses and Carlos as a guide, after all. What I got was just pain of joints and mussels. "Things are getting better when you are reckless" The words are doubtful. It's sometimes getting worse with being reckless" The story started with singing "Lookin' up and keep walkin'" ended up my bitter experience of hose riding looking down all the way for fear.

Jul. 2005

Today's piece
"Bottle-glass" Vinales, Cuba 1998

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