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3A player

I was watching baseball training at the stadium in Cienfuegos. One of the players found me and let me enter the ground. Shortly after, I joined the training. They played very well even amateur. I don't mean that they looked like good players because they were the Cuban. Their baseball was in high level indeed.

After I finished a short program, one guy came up and introduced a player to me. "He is 3A player in the states" According to him, he was back to Cuba for holiday season. So he trained everyday with his old friends. He had a different physique from other players, looked like the real major leaguer.
But he himself was so friendly that invite me to his house. "My family runs Casa Particular (Guest House). So if you like, why don't you come to stay. I'll give you a special price. Only 10 dollars for a night"
"My God, I got the accommodation offer from professional baseball player. And he gave me a discount too" Unfortunately, I had just checked in another guest house. So I rejected it with regret. It could be the one and only chance through my life.

For example, if he gives 2 hour baseball lesson for each day, they could make a business with it. <Special Lodging Plan with baseball lesson starts from 25 dollars for one night> Thinking this way means that I'm totally dipped into the capitalism.

By the way, was he a real 3A player? I should have even put down the name. If he became a big name of the major league later, this must be some story.

Jun. 2005

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"Ball park" Cienfuegos, Cuba 1998

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