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Monica, Accordion, and Madrid vol.2

Shortly after, the police car stopped in front of me. The policeman came out from the car and showed me a bag. "Is this yours, huh?" With no doubt, it's my bag which was cut off the shoulder belt. He was looking into the car and going on. "He had this bag. Is that sure this guy is a member of the group who attacked you?" As he said, a young guy sat on the rear seat.
However generally speaking, the person who was held from behind could not remember the face of the suspects. So I answered "I think so ..." The policeman asked me again in stronger voice. "I ask you again. Is that him?" If I won't clearly answer "Si (Yes)", he would be released. When I thought so, anger for the mean crime got bigger and bigger in my mind. And finally, I slapped off "Yes. He is." The young guy listened the words, and screamed. "Noop, It wasn't me." I'm really sorry if it's wrong person. But the suspect who had knocked me down was shown up in front of me. Who could answer "If it wasn't him" I'm not merciful God. It left bad taste to me. However I tried to think "I'm not gonna punish him. I'll punish the society which has this kind of crime"

I was brought to the police station. Taking ride a lighted police car and driving through the down town of Madrid, my travel became a hard boiled one. I was taken record at the police station. A disposable camera and small change in my bag has gone, and a knife which had used for the crime was replaced for it. The knife had 20cm length blade. I felt fear for the first time when I actually saw it. I resisted so much, it's possible to be stabbed.
"Are you sure it's the knife used in the crime scene?" I was asked about the lethal weapon this time. Of course I had no room for observe it in such urgent situation. If there is the person who can watch it closely, he must be the person who are accustom to be stabbed. I answered "Creo que si. (I think so)" And the policeman told me with taking the record. "The answer must be <Si> or <No>. OK? Don't say <Creo que si> any more"

"Hey! Is this the guy accompanying to the Japanese who was cut off his cheek?" Another policeman came into the room. "No. He was in another case" taking record, the policeman answered. They said there was another incident that Japanese attacked by the robber on the day. And he, or she, was cut the cheek with pointed knife. In those days, the robbery aimed at Japanese often occurred in Madrid. That means I became one of the victims. Later, I heard the same kind of robbery occurred also in Buenos Aires. This kind of crime aimed at certain people or race is the most hateful crime to me.

I came back to a hostal, and described everything to the owner. He was surprised and told me. "Please, don't take any risks"But I never thought I had taken a risk at all. I was just walking down the street in the day time.
After listening the story what one of the robbers was captured, his young daughters told me. "Yes! You did a good job. You are brave" Well, it's easy to say ...... but I had been almost killed.
In the night, the owner played the accordion to me. He knew my unfortunate travel which had been begun from lost baggage and ended with robbery. Maybe he felt some pity on me. His music sounded like telling me "Don't hate Madrid"

However, since then, I have not visited Madrid. I've not seen Monica neither. After all, the key person of the travel was Monica. I could not say it in that time because I was attacked by the robber. But now I want say "Gracias"to her.
This story was on the 3rd place of my bad luck travel podium. There are worse experiences than that. If I talk about it now, I would be totally depressed. So it's better to be next time.

Mar. 2006

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"Accordion" Madrid, Spain 1998

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