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Thinking about my identity vol.1

Every year when June comes, I remember my terrible experience in Holland. Since then, I had had the question what my identity was.

In the year at the beginning of June, I left New York where it was already becoming hot and humid. And I flew to Amsterdam.
In early summer of Holland, it's much cooler than NY. So I just regretted coming Amsterdam in short pants and T-shirt. Actually, those were only clothes I brought with me. However instead of that, the sun of high latitude looked like never setting down. Glancing the heavy drug user in the underpass, I walked up to a canal.
There were many red light shops with show window along the canal. In the windows, women who were flushed up their under wears in black light seduced the men passing by. In a coffee shop, marijuana was sold legally. Human right and liberty was insured in this country. However some how, the all free world made me being little embarrass at first. But the curiosity of my first day in Holland easily over came such a small embarrassment. After all, I stopped by several pubs with friends whom I met on the day and drunk too much. And now, when I look back the whole story, it was the foreshadow of the coming tragedy.

As a matter effect, I over slept next morning. And I got to Euro Line bus counter at Amstel Station almost on the time limit. I had to take the bus to Brussels. "Oh! my ... I was almost missing the bus " As finishing the check-in, I was so relieved. Then I organized my baggage. I put all valuable properties in the shoulder bag "This gonna be hand luggage. And suit case gonna be in the under boot." When I got out the square, I saw the bus was coming into the terminal. I put my suit case behind me and the shoulder bag on it.

Shortly after, young guy who said he was Italian talked to me. He asked several questions about the bus. "Well, thanks anyway. I'm gonna ask my friends for more detail. Bye!" He had suddenly ended up the conversation and gone. I would know it's their sign of "MISSION COMPLETE" much later. I looked back and felt something wrong.
There was the suit case but no shoulder bag. "?" Usually, we tend to doubt our own mistake at first in this kind of situation. So I thought I had left it on the ticket counter. I went back to the counter quickly.

There was no luggage around the ticketing counter. ".... was stolen" I knew the fact and looked up, then came back to the square once again. And I asked the young who sat around the square one by one if they saw the theft group. But they all shook their heads. May be they were also on the side of theft group. In the vacant square, they must had seen every thing with giggling "Another stupid traveller was gotten by the trap"

The bus for Brussels honked me and departed. All important things were in the stolen bag. Passport, camera, credit card, air ticket for Amsterdam-NY and also NY-Tokyo. The the bus company persons might be felt some responsibility for the case. So they offered me emergency phone call and free ride to Den Haag where the Japanese embassy was. I took the bus immediately and headed for Den Haag with full of disappointment. I saw the beautiful early summer landscape of the Holland out side of the window. However, of course, I didn't have any room in my mind to enjoy it.

Jun. 2006

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