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Monica, Accordion, and Madrid vol.1

As reading these issues, what do you think? Do you think I enjoy the travels without any problem? The real world isn't such easy. To tell you the truth, I have had many troubles which the tourist possibly come across. It's something like a department store of trouble or a shopping mall of trouble.

Once, I had double problems in single travel. In those situation, travel wasn't joyful at all. I got bad luck from the beginning.
I had just arrived at Madrid from Tokyo via Moscow with Aeroflot. At Barajas air port, I was standing blankly in front of the baggage palette. My baggage hadn't come out after all. The turning palette had been already stopped. It's 11 o'clock at night. All passenger had gone with their baggage except me, I thought. However, it seemed another victim over there. I found a Japanese girl who was standing vacantly just like me.
We, the victims of lost baggage, went to the customer service counter together. And I got start describing the situation in poor Spanish. Shortly after the girl helped me in fluent Spanish as if she can't stand for my poor Spanish. Then she asked the customer service person about every single detail for our lost baggage. She agreed with being receiver for my late coming baggage. Plus, she kindly brought me up to the hotel with her boy friend who came to pick her up. Her nickname was Monica. She lived in Madrid.

I should tell you the most important thing. The baggage, it was brought to Paris. To avoid those kind of trouble, actually, I made sure again and again at the check-in counter of Narita airport. Nevertheless ....
It had tied me up in Madrid for 5 days. It's really cold there and I didn't have any extra clothes. On the 6th day, I called Monica. She said that the baggage had delivered. So I visited her apartment immediately. Monica shared the apartment with her boy friend and other room mates. They were friendly enough. I touched Madrireno's life unexpectedly.
Anyway, on the 7th day, I started my travel. The airline company had told me "We will deliver your lost baggage to any place in Spain. So don't worry and keep on your travel" I really pissed off the words. I could go home before it comes if it's 5 nights vacation.

Traveling around Iberian Peninsula and I came back to Madrid was 4 weeks later. I had to leave for Paris next day. So I thought I should say "Gracias" to Monica once again. I was walking to a metro station. It's around 2:00pm. It was mid day, but there were not so many people on the back street of central Madrid because of Siesta.
Suddenly, the group of young guys (I guess....) came up behind me. And I was held my arms and legs. I thought I would be tossed up. But think about it. They toss up Japanese for what kind of celebration? I was choked, kicked the stomach, and when I was losing my consciousness, I made sense I was attacked by the robber. I thought I must be killed here in Madrid. But suddenly, the belt of shoulder bag was cut off and they ran away.
I couldn't shout because I had been choked so strongly. But I ran after them, and twisted out the voice from the throat "Catch 'em up. Robber!". However, people ignored me and the robbers separated in diverse directions like a shotgun formation of American football. It made me remember kick the can game in my childhood.

Fortunately, contents of the bag wasn't so important. But my coat was terribly cut off. I was obviously up set. However, I thought that I had to report the case to the police as soon as possible. So I started walking toward Plaza de Mayor with torn coat.
On the way, I saw the policeman who checking illegal parking. I described him the situation. After listening the story, they called their colleague with radio. Shortly after, I heard my name from the radio. I asked the policeman what they were talking. "Well. They got one of them. They are gonna bring him up, so make sure if he is the robber."
I'd never imagined they actually catch them. "The suspect who attacked me will be shown up in front of me shortly" My heart beat became faster. And the time waiting for the suspect felt like forever to me.

Mar. 2006

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