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Tangled cables

I was taken to a hotel room. "Here is a bathroom. This is remo-con for AC and that's for the TV. And ... here is room light switch ..." Then always a hotel staff posed while searching the correct switch.
In front of us, ten more switches lined up on the wall. "Oh, bunch of switches as usual. Indian style, uh?" He nodded and smiled when as I was joking.
Click, click, click. Quickly he checked all the switches at random. "Well, this is for the room light. This must be the spot lights. This is for the bathroom ... and this looks like for the bedside light"
"You understand?" Well, actually I didn't. I could not memorize all his bingo or miss. However they've never put the name on the each switch. It's also Indian way.
After all, I had to retry by myself. And for the 4 to 10 switches, I couldn't figure out what the switch for. Although I used all my senses, I couldn't find out any changes with the switch's on and off.

The extreme examples of this Indian chaos was street scene of the Old Delhi. The tangled cables were hanged down above every street. From the thin one to the thick, numerous cables ran about the quarter.
I was born in Japan. So relatively I accustomed to the scenery of electric cables run about. But it's beyond my imagination. I even got some pressure from them. Looked like an abandoned city after eaten by cables. "Do the cables still alive? Or just being left the dead one after settled new one?"

However I got some emotional feel when I thought each resident's life leaned on each wire.
It didn't matter even if it's tangled. Any way they needed one of them, the alive one. Without it, they had to eat a dinner in the dim.
So they must really thank to a line of cable. Need two for spare in case of trouble. If it can afford three, they'll be more secure.

Then I thought if having multi-chanels could be a status symbol in India. To feel richness, people might be settled dozens of switches either. The mystery of tangled cables and the multiple switches were now connected in my mind.

Apr. 2013

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