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Tangled cables again

"India and Bangladesh must have almost same atmosphere" That's a stereotype before I had actually visited Bangladesh.
In the travel, a Bangladesh guy asked me with interest "Hey, you like our country? You must get some culture-shock, uh?" So I told him "Well, I had experience in India. It's not big oops to me" "Oh, you know India? Yeah, there are some similarity between India and Bangladesh. But India is a Hindu country while Bangladesh is Muslim country"
(In real world there are mixed religions in both country. But any way ...) From my impression as a foreigner, India and Bangladesh have a same hardware, rickshaw, long train or street scene for example, but different software, like a people's thought, runs on it.

It's really difficult to describe. But I got a good example to express the each people's character. It's "Tangled cables" Do you remember what I mentioned in Indian issue of this column? The chaotic electric wires ran everywhere in Old Delhi quarter. Nevertheless the electric cables were tangled, a washing machine beside the each house was working without problem.
What I saw on the very first day in Bangladesh was the tangled cables same to India. However in the next moment, I noticed an important fact. In case of Bangladesh, each cable had spare length and it's looped.

Bangladesh people is such thrifty and modest. I'm not sure where it comes from the religion, geographical reason as closer to east Asia or the size of the country. Yeah, certainly Bangladesh is a small country. When I'm in Bangladesh, I feel the neighbor country, India, so big. They have own industry.The IT are flourished. The education level is high enough. They have huge population and land. They also have Indian net works all over the world.
But for tourists image of India is sometime negative one. "People are so aggressive for business" Well, it's partially correct (LOL) But for me, I was strongly impressed by energy of the aggressiveness of Indian people. So my impression for India is positive.

Now I have another example expressing the difference between Indian and Bangladesh. Indian people once asked me "I'll make a business in Japan. Tell me what's in trend there except Indian restaurant" I think Indian people is an natural entrepreneur. "By the way, why except Indian Restaurant?" "Coz thousands of Indians already run Indian restaurant down there" Exactly. Exploring new frontier with original idea must be their Indian spirits.
On the other hand, Bangladesh people often asked me like this. "I wanna go Japan someday. Do you know any good job?" Having loyalty to the company and making up their given job. Maybe you can see some patience in it. It's Bangladesh style which is similar to the Japanese.

So after all, what I feel for Indian people is "envy" as a completely opposite character to me. Then what I feel for Bangladesh people is "sympathy" to the similarity to me. There was bigger difference than I had expected.

Apr. 2015

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" Tangled cables " Dhaka, Bangladesh 2015

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