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Green fruits

In the Hindu temple courtyard, Pushkar of India, two women were rounding the tree. The Indian sun light bleached the courtyard. No sound but the footsteps and ringing sound from the bells on their waist.
Shhht shhht shhht, tinkle tinkle tinkle, shhht shhht shhht, tinkle tinkle tinkle ...
On each round, they fished a small fruit from the waist bag and dropped it on the base of the tree. The fruits in the bag, I supposed, had been counted in advance. And they might keep going around until they would drop all the fruits.

It's quite interesting to me that Hinduism and Buddhism, which have same origin, had many religious ceremonies in common. I recalled the scene which I had seen in the mountains in Gansu province of China. Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims had been rounding the Cholten, Buddhism Stupa. The ceremony was known as "Colra" in Buddhism. Might be called in different name in Hinduism. However the two Hindus prayed exact same way as going around the tree in exact same direction, clockwise.

When they finished the prayer, they re-collect the all fruits once they had dropped. Sat under the tree and ate it. They also shared the fruits with the tourists passing by. Then look over and beckon to me. After all, I got a handful of fruits. I asked "Colra, isn't it?" They nodded.
I ate one. The apple like small green fruit tasted sour-sweet.

May 2013

Today's piece
" Green fruits " Pushkar, India 2012

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