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The three black humors

After the busy time, a market is almost vacant now. A young butcher is still doing his business. On his background, hanged muttons are lined up. It's usual scene in Muslim quarter.
However the reason of catching my eyes on is the contrast between each the subject matter. The lined muttons looks so comical. Contrary to that the hatchet deeply stuck on the log is some brute. And very cool face of butcher as if he is saying that he doesn't have any commitment for the others.

Let's take another example, the photo titled "Transmigration" has a similar story. At the center, choked chicken lays on the table. On the left side of chicken is man's fist which might choked the chicken. And on the right side to him must be the son who was given the life by the father. However the son feel pity for the chicken which was killed by him. That's a transmigration of black humor.

So now, I'll show you one more example "Watermelon man" A man bought 2 watermelons at bazaar. "Why don't you take one more, uh?" A vendor puts another watermelon in his arms. Then he freezes, can't move any more. I think the subject matter, huge watermelons is impressive enough. It's like a surrealism painting.
Let's say, while he juggled small water melons, they were swollen. At last monster watermelons stuck in his arms ironically.

I like black humor, or black joke. So my "black humor sensor" react to these kind of scene immediately.
By the way, each photo has 3 subjective matters.
"3" is very stable number. And it has wide margin for acceptance. For instance, which stool is easier to balance, 3 leg one or 4 leg one? It's a same thing for photo composition. 3 subject matters are easily balanced at any composition.
Nevertheless, the 3 subjects are never unified nor break down. It keeps relationship each other like eternal loop. Remember "Rock, Paper and scissors" In another words, number "3" itself involves some black humor.

Jul. 2010

Today's piece
" Mutton and hatchet " Hezuo, Gansu province, China 2008

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