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Strong relation bet. land & people

I had never persisted in land. So I had thought how it's great if I can live any place I like on the planet. Yes, I can settled anywhere like a seed of dandelion. Nomad's or Gypsy's life is ideal to me.

However, I got to one conclusion when I visited The West bank of Palestinian Territory. What I had thought, living in the favorite place, must be just a dream.
I noticed that the home land to each person was usually under the situation which was given. For example, living in the settlement which is prepared by the government, evacuating to the refugee camp, moving into the town for the job, getting married and starting new life in new town, has been living since their ancestors ... and so on.
Same for the Nomad and Gypsy, they are not wondering for their pleasure.

After all, people live in a certain place under unavoidable circumstances. If the relation between land and people is much lighter(home land is set by their taste, for instance), world conflicts would be lessened. However the people who can have such choice might be only tourist or the rich. Actually even billionaire can't live any place on the earth.

I again realized the strong relation between land and people, ironically, when my home country was contaminated by nuclear radioactive of the Fukushima nuc plant. Suddenly the land turned into dead land. I knew the meaning of "Lost land"
Facing with the invisible enemy, evacuating must be the best choice. However as long as the land is closely connected with our life and it's a fundamental to make living, settling to new land and getting start from zero is absolutely load to people's mind.
I felt the Jewish who had been persecuted in the world and Palestine who lost their home land with huge reality now.

Oct. 2011

Today's piece
" Selfportrait " Jewish settlement in Hebron (Al-Khalil), West Bank, PT 2010

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