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Time limit vol.2

The period when the time limit is given and you work in the restriction might be the sign what your life is going well. Basically the time limit is set by others. So unfortunately, it's not set when you are on the lock bottom of your misfortune. People must say "Do whatever you want. Suit yourself." and leave you alone.

I was watching TV documentary of famous Japanese animation film director Hayao Miyazaki. In the program he often murmured "No time, no time, I've no time"
He was born in 1941. It said he was a late bloomer as a director. After block buster hit of "Nausicca of The Wind Valley", he has produced many big titles. So why he repeat "no time" so many times? Maybe it's from the fact our life isn't eternal. While I 'm writing this, I'm consuming time of life. So we don't have so much extra time.

To controvert on this, some people may say "You have a bunch of time in youth" But as I told, we have a period which we cannot spend the useful time. I call it "inactive time". But the inactive is in subjective view. Our life time is always consumed without injury time. We clearly get old every minute. It's same as the town in Mauritania burying into the sand while residence is sleeping.

Then suddenly, at the middle of life, chance comes. And we can do what we wanna do. However our time in life was apparently lessen. So Miyazaki said "No time" I can make it sense.

Think about it. Our life span itself is set by God. Can't set it by ourselves. However many famous people did something within the limited life time and made a great footprint on history. Do you think if we got a thousand year of life span, more great art works or innovations came out? Maybe not.

In other words, we are accomplish something in much shorter time. There are no artist make a compiled or master piece using entire life. Each work produced in shorter time limit is gathered on great compilation work. Or the work made in limited time and budget sometimes becomes a masterpiece.

Now back to the main theme. You can make sense how it is happy to work with time limit which is given. So what is he or she gonna do poor people who isn't given the time limit? Would do the training with setting the time limit by himself and making a photo works within it, for instance.

Mar. 2010

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