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I'm getting out from Mauritanian capital city, Nouakchott. Huge dunes come close to the city area. It seems that the city could be buried in sand shortly.

Once I get out the city, I can't see anything but thousands of dunes far away to the horizon. I see small villages buried in sand, plants or sand sweep bulldozers. But those are almost nothing in this world of sand.

After driving for 150 km on the road to inland, I arrive at Boutilimit. The small town is like sticking on the dunes. Small store huts are aligned both sides of the road for 100 m. Actually, this is main street of the town. I walk in the burning sunlight and reflection of sands. Afternoon, the town is in tranquility like nobody lives in.

The residents sleep in the houses. No watching TV or reading book, just sleep in silence. I hear nothing but sound of sands blowing into the house.

The same things are repeated every day in the self-sufficient life. Evidence of the fact "Today is different day from yesterday" is massive sand burying the house. Only "the sandglass" is running without mercy while they are sleeping.

Nov. 2005

Today's piece
"Sandglass" Boutilimit, Mauritania 1999

1 After glow Time limit vol.2

Post Script

I heard the town being varied in the sand got a catastrophic damage by heavy rain storm and floods later. It's ironical that desartificating Mauritania is hit by the serious floods sometime. The sandglass is whimsically turned over like this without mercy.
On the other hand to avoid the natural disaster, greening project has being done. I believe the scenery of Boutilimit is changing from dunes to green hills.

Sep. 2012

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