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Time limit vol.1

"If you can't take even one picture there in the first week, maybe neither for one year" It's a photographer's words. I forget the name of photographer. But I think it's true.

I used to spend long time, whole year or 6 months, for taking photos. ... I believed that the longer I photograph, the more I can get good images. But it's not right. Nothing is nothing. There is no relationship between the period and master peaces.

My photo shooting time in travel has been shorten. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean my business goes well and I got tight schedule. I don't have room in my mind to spend a longer time for travel any more.
As a result, my travel shortened more and more, from an year to 3 months, 3 months to a month, a month to a couple of weeks ... And now my latest destination, Ukraine was just 12 day stay. I needed moving time from one city to another. So actual shooting time was shorter than that.

In facts, it's too late finding out that I can't take photos a week later. So inevitably, I have to change my shooting style. I set time limit by myself. I have to make some photo works even if I can spend just couple of days for each city.
It's sounds like I'm unhappy with these shorten time limit. However I think this is a really good training to me. I don't wanna talking about "dead line and professionalism" thing here. As I wrote, I'm not a super busy photographer.
I just think "time limit" is very important for our life. We can concentrate on and accomplish something because the dead line is set and time is limited.

Guess if we get unlimited time, we couldn't keep concentration or could lose the sight of the purpose.
And even if the time limit is shorten, we can adapt ourselves to do that.

Mar. 2010

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" Portrait " Mariupol, Ukraine 2009

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