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Girl in the small window

I was on the beach side path of Granville in Normandy region, France. I felt some one's eyes on me. So I looked around and found it.

I saw the girl's face in the small window of house. It's not real but a plaster bust. I saw same type of busts while I was walking on the path. And all the faces looked outside from the small windows like her.

Whether was it traditional ornament or modern art? I don't know it even now. However guessing from the fact that the window size was perfectly matched on the bust, maybe it had some meanings.

Well, I should have asked somebody. But nobody was there. The wind from the ocean was really cold. The seaside narrow path was winding and stretched into the dreary field.

Feb. 2010

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" She was always there " Granville, France 2000

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