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Invisible force

The movie titled "Che" which is directed by Steven Soderbergh is an usual biography of Ernest 'Che' Guevara, not so special. But Guevara's words in the movie is quite impressive to me. It's a scene Guevara visit New York for making a speech at UN in 1964. He gets an interview and criticizes to US society with following line.

<For example, the people in this country favor the story of man who gets success after hard working to accomplish it>
<But they don't understand at all>
<The chance to succeed>
<It's destined by invisible force>

I'm not interested in US society at all. However I think the words is quite logical when I simply overlap it on our life. I mean success is not result of our effort but made by force beyond us.

I remember the words which ex-prime minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi said
"A gap-widening society? Very good. Only the people who make effort become winner, otherwise become looser. Nothing is more than that"
Generally we call this kind of thought "arrogant". It's like saying to a captain of the ship trapped in the sand with ebb tide "It's lack of effort that your ship cannot escape from the sand trap" However think about it. How you can move the ship far away to offshore by human power? The only thing he can do is just waiting the high tide, the time when the sea water washes his feet.

Some time your hard work result in vain. On the other hand you can get success without any effort. There are people who are given the good environment while the others are not given. In another words, the key to succeed is not their own effort in the grater part. It's the force beyond us.
I have seen lot of persons who had full of confidence in themselves. They always said they accomplished their dream by themselves. But they didn't know that their success was not all followed by their decision. Invisible force, good luck or good timing must be strongly effect on the success. After all, there is nothing which you can do by yourself in this world. So saying "I was just lucky" might be a better example of successor's comment.

Of course, there is an opposite case. There are people who spend hard days without success. Or they must be the majority. However nobody can say they are still out of luck tomorrow. It's possible the sea water gradually comes back and dips their feet again. It's the time for making effort to escape. But unfortunately, it's also depend on the luck whether you notice the moment or not.

Life is not the thing you can control, so why don't you live and watch what's going on tomorrow?

Jan. 2010

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