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The town named Brest

There is the town named Brest at the tip of The peninsula of Bretagne, France. I spent the first New Year's Day of the 21st century at the town. 9 years has past already since that.

Years before, I had spent New year's Day at Tarifa in Spain. It's also tip of Iberian peninsula. But I didn't choose the peninsula for passing New Year's Day on purpose . Coincidentally, I was there on Jan. 1st. That's it.

Generally, a peninsula has characteristic weather. It's often windy. The wind moderate extreme hot weather. That's why, for example, Dakar of Senegal which locate in peninsula has much milder climate than other inland cities of West Africa. Well, even native Senegalese could not make patience to the summer heat of Tambakunda, an inland city.

However in most of the cases, the windy condition badly effects.
On Dec 31st 2000, that might be a good example of it. It's heavy rain and wind, stormy weather. I heard the sound of millennium fire works at hotel room. So I went up to a port to see it. But I could not see the fire works at all. I just saw the flashing light in haze and heard the exploding sound.
It's definitely in condition to cancel it. But it's a millennium event on New Year's Eve. So the organizer just could not do that. Anyway, I enjoyed the fuzzy light works in the haze and came back to the hotel with wet clothes and broken umbrella.

Next morning, the rain is stopped. I walked around the town. A lot of broken brunches were on the promenade. When I looked over a pier, I saw all the boutiques closed the shutter. Nobody was walking but me in New Year's Day morning. Only an objet of couple looked at me in the window.

Two years later, I stopped by Brest again on the way back from Africa. In the time, I got stormy weather again. I was really scared for landing of air plane. I should visit the peninsula maybe in good season.

Jan. 2010

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" A couple on Jan. 1 st " Brest , France 2001

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