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China, the rising dragon

"China is not China it used to be" I had kept in mind for the travel. However, China did looked farther from Communism country than I had thought of.

My description must be rounded too much. So what's the Communism country in my stereotype? Well, "simple, stubborn ... " must be the one. However in real world, China was glittering and commercialized country. I saw high-raised buildings, modern boutiques or expensive cars in the city. Urumqi of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region was not exception. The ancient Silk Road oasis turned into a modernized big city. Now a days, most of the city landscape in China must be like this.

When I turned on the TV, I saw a variety of commercials. In English channel, it's openly promoted for companies to become a sponsor like "Why not run your company's commercial on the nation wide broadcasting?"
I saw on TV that children waving national flag in event. They put the same caps which had logo of well known American sports brand. "Wait a minute, what's Communism? Communism and Socialism is now an endangered species." I thought.
Sometime I regret that I have not seen the Soviet Union in my youth. I wanted to display both Socialism and Communism in the museum of my knowledge.

My first non-capitalism experience was Cuba in 1998. Although I knew it's a mild Socialism country in Crib, I was nervous for visiting. For instance, I had absolutely no idea how much description was need when I talked to Cuban people. I wondered if I had to get start explaining with basic knowledge of capitalism like a service, company, extra bonus ... and so on. Of course, I didn't have any problem at all. All anxious came from my ignorance. They knew what's the capitalism. But it's true I felt something like "Oh, This society is run by different system from ours."

Back to China. Although the good old China has gone, it's good news for most of the tourist that China took part in the global economy and modernized. Maybe it wasn't comfortable using a toilet without any partition or waiting on the long line to get a ticket except some China enthusiasts. It's a same for improvement in infrastructure of transportation. If I can travel with a comfortable double decker train, I'll chose it rather than old messy train.

It can be called "a rising dragon" I felt the strong energy from modern China.
Yes, Han people certainly becomes rich. But how about minority people. Do they get adequate benefit from the economic growth? A hotel in Han residential area takes USD50 for a room besides a street vender in Uighur residential area makes only 30 cents for each customer.
The issue of economical gap looks quite serious to me.

Apr. 2007

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