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Ukrainian never smiles vol.1

"Ukrainian people never smile" I heard the rumor before. But is that true? It pushed my curiosity. Does such a displeased people exists on this planet? So I must see the displeased people and photograph them.
However the driver of air port bus I jumped into at Boryspil air port of Kyiv, he smiled at me so easily. The staffs of Sheremetyevo Air Port of Russia where I had transferred was much more displeased. Now the rumor "Ukrainian people never smile" was rejected in 15 minutes after I had arrived in Ukraine.

But this must be correct. Ukrainian people are very quiet. They hardly express the emotion. For instance, I saw that people were arguing each other in almost every country where I've ever been. However in Ukraine, I've not seen it. The quiet character of Ukrainian people was even weird to me.
So are they so cool that they are unkind to the people from another country like me? No, they are not. People are very rustic, unaffected and friendly.
I mainly visited local towns in Ukraine. Of course I didn't see any Japanese nor even Asians in those towns. As a result I attracted their eyes. But those were not the squint one. It's all from their curiosity.
However on the other hand, when I watched their faces in daily life, they were depressed as a snowy sky in winter. I felt even political dilemma between Russia and Europe in the air of city. The people looked getting lost their way. "The people are floated by passing days" I could describe like that.

I'm not sure whether it's good idea or not for comparing Ukraine to China. But I had chances to visiting China recent years. I felt strong energy for improvement among the people there. Meanwhile, I didn't feel any strong energy for Ukraine. Independence of the country was just 19 years ago. Nevertheless they are newly born country, they look like the old.
It might be OK just enjoy living in liberalism, or late coming Spring for old people. However, how about the young? Post-Soviet generation is now getting the majority of Ukraine. I think it's time to find their own life.
Among the countries I've ever visited, Ukraine is not poor country. But there is a richness which can't buy with money. In this point, there is still big difference between Ukraine and some other countries in Western Europe.

Neither cannot be Economic Animal nor express themselves in creative world, they are always half way on either direction. This must be the cause the impression of being floated by passing days.

"I take a trolley bus every day. I passed days in routine but something is lacking in my life. I can't go forward nor step back" That's the reason why they have gloomy faces. The all comes from the global depression? Well, it's very easy to blame on the depression.

Nov. 2009

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