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Unexpected meeting

Meeting up with unexpected person at unexpected place is always happen. For instance, seeing friend at book store or in the commuter train must be one of them. When I was a collage student in Japan, I heard much more unexpected case from my friends, like coming across their friend at crowded Waikiki beach accidentally.

In the meantime, my unexpected meeting was in extremely low probability. I and my friend of New York accidentally took the same British Airline flight from Barcelona to London. Of course I couldn't believe it.
When I got off the plane at Heathrow Airport in London, somebody called me from behind. "Fumi!" I looked back and saw Ann was there. It's absolutely unexpected meeting for each of us. I had left New York in December, and it's already April. So it's quite normal she wondered why I was there. I had traveled around Spain for more than 4 months after New York.

She looked like having no time. So we quickly explained each situation. "So where are you going, Fumi?" "I'm gonna spend a couple of days here in London. Then I'll be back to Japan. And you, Ann? " I'm goin' to the terminal 4." It meant she would leave for New York soon. This kind of miraculous accident brought some fantasy for romance to a man. I if it might be a destiny. So next time when I visited to New York, I invited her for a dinner. However nothing was happen with her. I think the fantasy was my illusion.

On the other hand, it's sometimes happen that somebody saluted me but I did not recognize them. One day when I walked down in SOHO of NYC, I was called a young guy dressed like a cook. "Hi! fumi. How are you doing?" I wondered who he was. "Do I have < mon ami cuisinier>?"I asked myself in my mind. The best way in this case should be frankly ask him who he was. You could get problem if you respond him "I'm fine and you?" without making sure who he is. And I got the problem.

I tried to figure out something from the conversation. I was searching for some key words coming out from it. But he talked about daily subject, not so specific. There was absolutely clueless. So I gave him some pick up words. I tried to talk about a photo school I belonged to. He was American so it seemed to be in high probability that he was person in the photo school. However he never interested in photography. If he is a neighborhood? I gave him a subject of Staten Island. Got no reaction from him ...

My gosh, I can't ask him like "By the way, who are you?" any more. Since he knows my name, he must not take me for another person.

After all what we talked about was like "What a beautiful day today!" or "What are you doing here?" such a small talk. It sounded like an English conversation text book in extremely low quality.

"All right take it easy. Bye now""Yeah, you too. Bye!" ??? Who are you???

Apr. 2007

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" Waiter" Barcelona, Spain 1993

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