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Game-ending homer

"It must be a travel season for graduating student, I guess. By the way, do they go to travel now a days?" Seeing a photograph of baseball kids, I thought.
When I was walking at the Central Park in mid winter, I came across the baseball game by kids on lawn yard. I saw their game for a while. Finally, it's ended by game-ending home run. Unexpectedly, I shared very impressive moment with them.

I'm "a son of Japanese bubble economy". I spent student days in a booming economic period. So usually students got good responses from several companies early in the 4th grade of college. And the students chose one from them by summer holiday. However maybe, I was exception. I didn't have aggressive personality, and my choice was mass media which was really competitive category. It meant I could not get any job contract until very last moment. When I was picked up by a company was at the beginning of February. (A fiscal and school year both start from Apr. in Japan)
I was told starting the job from mid March. It meant I had a month extra. So I decided to go to my first travel to abroad. I traveled around the US for two weeks with camera. "Game-ending homer" is the photo I took in the travel.

The time has changed. Now a days, students live in more tough world. "The poor don't go to the travel" I even heard such a abusive words when the air ticket fare soared up. However the poor young is the very person who should travel. For instance, traveling around with back pack in their youth and luxury vacation in their middle age have big difference in the effect to the life or personality. So if you are the person who has enough curiosity for it, you should travel around the world with flexible personality of youth.

There is another reason I recommend a travel for the young. I want you to make sure the things by yourself. It's a really convenient world. You can get most of the knowledge from the Internet with one click. You can read thousands of thread on the blog. For me, I can't go to the travel without preparation with the Internet. But you shouldn't think you get to know everything in the world with it. What peoples are thinking or what's the issue in the world should be watched and made sure with your eyes and ears.

Through the travel, your essential part is brushed up. The most important factor to be an international person is not speaking foreign language fluently nor accustoming for traveling the world.
"The essential part of human is the most important thing. It isn't a globality but a universality"
"Game-ending homer" told me that. Of course, I was too young to know it when I photographed it.

Feb. 2007

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" Game-ending homer " NYC, New York, USA 1989

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