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Having medical check in Saigon

When I stayed at Mui Ne beach in southern Vietnam, I lost my physical condition. I felt throb from time to time. Once I lost self confidence to my own health, every little thing gave me anxiety and finally I got sleepless. It's regrettable to end up the vacation of ocean resort. However, I thought "It' s better to go to hospital" and I decided to go back to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

I got room at guest house in back street of Saigon. Then I rode on the back sheet of Xeom (moto taxi) for going to hospital. Fortunately, the result of close examination was negative. Doctor said that it may be caused by fatigue for high temperature and mental stress. To be honest, I had stress not only for the strange place but also for the anxious if I could not get any job after I would go back to Japan?
"Oh my ... ! I used to be not like this in my youth. Once I left Japan, I could forget anything about my home country. Now I'm anxious about the life in Japan even when I'm traveling another country. And I lost my health. I'm so decrepitude" I thought.

"I'll give you the medicine. Nothing special. Just a tablet of tranquilizer" Writing the chart, French doctor said. His answer for my question whether I may continue traveling or not was something like that. "It's your body, not mine. I do not know" He shrugged. Well, I thought he was right.
When I was leaving the consulting room, I heard his voice from behind. "Where did you learn the French?" I looked back and answered "In West Africa and France" The doctor grinned.

I came back to the guest house and took a tablet of tranquilizer. Then I slept deeply in well air conditioned small room. As often said "The sickness is caused by mentality", I scarcely felt the throb after I slept well.
In bad physical condition, this small guest house in the back alley of Saigon made me so relax. And the room in the deeper inside of the guest house felt like in the womb of mother to me. The owner madam always took care of my physical condition. And with the girls who lived in the house, I joined dinner sometime. Not only people in the guest house but also neighborhood were very friendly. And atmosphere of the quarter made me feel at home.

It's really simple. Having friends on my side or who can listen up my story make me so relief. For me it doesn't matter which nationality they have. In another words, the humans life doesn't have big difference at any place in the world.

Apr. 2006

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