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South, the trump card vol.1

Having unpleasant things or stress in daily life, you must think "Oh! I wanna go to south and lay down on the beach" For me, I often think of the escaping even if I don't have such a big stress.
However someone said "I'll never go south. It doesn't mean I don't like the south. It's because if I go to south and disappoint it, I would not have greater escape anymore. So I have to keep the south as a trump card for the very moment when I really need it" Who said? Sounds like A.Rimbaud's poem though, may not be him. Whoever it is, it gets the point. If I hear it as going to air port, I could think twice my flight to the south. However on the other hand, a guest house owner in Okinawa told me "Come back whenever you feel stress in Tokyo"
In the conflict I found my own answer. It's "slightly south" Beside keeping "south" as a trump card, I must find easier card to play, a place where make me a quick charge. For me HongKong is the one. So after exhausting days with the big earthquake and radioactive pollution, I headed for HongKong.

I telephoned to a guest house in Chungking Mansions from the air port. Although it's late at night, the Nepali owner accept my room request. As soon as an air port double decker got to the downtown stop, several guest house guys even coming into the bus to get a customer. "Wow! Become more aggressive than they used be .... " Then I heard the voice in the mob. "Osada-san?" "Yes, I think I am the Osada-san" I replied. He must be the real.
A small room which I got didn't have a window. Actually, there was a small one but it's sealed. The only view through the window was construction nets and a pigeon's nest. An air-con fully worked and the huge fan on the ceiling steered the cold air effectively. "Ouuuu, this is a haven" I threw out my body on the bed. "I feel like having similar experience somewhere before" I thought for a while then. "Ah, it's a guest house in Ho-Chi-Minh City"
That summer in Tokyo was really terrible without air-con nor electricity by the nuc-power plant accident. I had to make patience in humidity and high temp. Compare to that, I was very happy to be in the room. The circulating fun sustained from ceiling settled in off rotation center. So it had strange movement like dancing snake. Maybe it became hypnotic-effect. I fell into sleep before long.

I woke up with chattering noise. I had thought an air duct made it. However that morning, I assured it might not. Something were quickly running about in the bed side wall. Click, click, click, click... then squeaked. "Oh! my ..." Suddenly I turned pale. Then pictured the mob of rats and their "Rat's Chunking Mansions" behind the thin beach wood wall. Eventually, I said to the Nepali owner in the reception desk. "Sorry. I'll check out for some reason" After getting out the guest house I bought a newspaper. And I found a title "Nepal airline plane was almost in fatal accident by a rat which sneaked into the cockpit" That was a day I felt strange relationship between Nepal and a rat.

Mar. 2012

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" TsimShaTsui port " HongKong, China 2011

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