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Does the climate makes beauties?

I was in Da Nang City where was almost middle of Vietnam. In the bright sunshine, I sit at the table for breakfast on the terrace.

Well, it's so nice to be relaxed morning time. Today, I gotta go back to Tokyo. But at first, I'll take a flight to Hanoi. "What time is the flight?" I look at the ticket which I purchased a couple of days ago. It says "11:00" "Well, I have an hour and half to go. From Da Nang to ..... Ho Chi Minh Cit ..... wait a minute. Gosh! It's not flight for Hanoi."I feel chill run down my spine. Then the morning calm turns into the quick.

I run into the reception desk. "I.. I.. Is there Vietnam Air Line office around here?"Now I'm back to the usual busy morning. Contrary to my confusion, the beautiful receptionist in Ao dai dress are quite cool. After listening my story, she asks me to give her the ticket and 5000Don. She tells me sticking around the lobby, and takes a ride on the back seat of the Xeom(moto taxi), and runs away. What will it be in the end?

I sit down on the couch in the lobby as she said. Brilliant sun shine of Vietnam fall on the plants in the patio. Even in the urgent situation like this, I can be relaxed now. Maybe it's because bright sunshine and mild weather.
Going down to the south from rainy and mossy ancient capital Hue, the climate changes dramatically after crossing over the Hai Bang pass. In Da Nang City, bright sun light always shine on. And palm trees make cool shade. I'm not sure that the climate effects to the figure or character of the people. But in fact, from Da Nang to Hoi An, the people's nature also seemed sunshiny. And I saw many beautiful women.

Ah! The little sunshine in Ao dai is coming back. "Here you go. This is the ticket for HANOI. And the 5000 Don was for Xeom. OK?"The surface of the ticket was re-written. Fortunately, the departure time is same to the wrong flight. She is so kind. I thank her very much.

Finally, I sat on the seat to Hanoi. Shortly after, the small jet named Fokker took off. When the air plane slowly made the ascending arc above Danan Bay, I saw the Son Tra Mt. which used be called "Monkey Mountain" by US soldiers in the wartime.

May 2006

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"Portrait" Hoi An, Vietnam 2005

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