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"Tell a driver <Bajan!> in loud voice when you are getting off the bus"
In the bus going back to my hotel, the man next to me told like that. I should have got the advice much earlier.

I had already missed getting off the bus because I hadn't known how to do it. Then I had been brought to the last stop.
The bus stopped, and a driver said to me "The last stop!" turning off an engine. It's typical Mexican residential area with sandy asphalt road. With getting far away, the tarmac road was interrupted. And beyond there, nothing was seen but cactuses and rocky mountains of Mexico.

I found a charming church. While I had rested in front of it for an hour, one dog, one boy and one girl had passed by. All of them glanced the Asian resting in front of the church with a dubious look.

The man who taught me how to getting off the bus kept on. "Where are you from, uh? Tokyo?" "Hey, do you know which city is the biggest in the world?" While I couldn't find the answer, he told me in a proud "It is Mexico City"
Years later, I remembered his words and consulted an atlas. <The population of grand Mexico City area is 20 millions> It's true.

May 2005

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"Iglesia" Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 1995

1 Dawn of the interstate highway

fumikatz osada photographie