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Daily lives

Old Ana lives alone in Varadero Beach of Cuba. No, actually she is not alone because she has a friend, the cat called Misu. Young neighbors also take care of her. TV is one of her favorite pastime. She likes Colombian soap opera. So do I. We often see it together.
She coughs all the time. It's a small weak cough as if it fades into silence. Whenever I hear her small cough in my bed room, some how, I feel heartrending.

One day, She showed me her son's photo album. The photos well described his growth. The album ended with the photo which had been taken in a tent of raft. Her son had defected to the states.
Now, her granddaughter and other family members in the US visit Cuba every year. Of course, Ana adores them. The latest TV display, may be it's from the US, is placed in the living room.

In spite of that, she lives in the town which faced to Florida keys at a distance of 200km. She gets up same time everyday, brushes tooth with distributed tooth paste, chats with her neighbors, feeds to Misu, prepares for dinner, watches TV and sleeps at 11 o'clock.

I've seen people's daily lives all over the world. It's like accompanying their lives for a moment. "Are they still fine? "Sometimes I remember them. Then, I feel some impatience. "Why my body is just one? I want to be concerned with their lives continuously" But, of course, it's impossible. With some regrets, I face to reality of my daily life.

In the same way, the two daily lives are going on the each side of the Florida narrows. One is the mother's daily life as a Cuban and the other is the her son's as an American.

Jun. 2005

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"Varadero" Varadero, Cuba 1998


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