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Absolute Mexico

El Paso of the US and Ciudad Juarez of Mexico. They are "Twin City" along with each other. The two cities, or two countries, are divided by the river called "Rio Grande" It means "Grand River" in English. Despite of the magnificent name, actual river is something like a dirty ditch or stream. The name of Rio Grande must be joked.
A huge bridge between the two country is not suitable for the ditch. However, so many cars and also pedestrians are crossing the bridge from each side. It might be a main reason of necessity for this huge bridge.

"Even Mexican city, Juarez is a neighbor of the US. It must be an Americanized city. Hardly change everything into Mexican way all of a sudden"
Those kind of my silly expectation was completely smashed. At the Mexican border post, the police stopped me and ask for a bribe. 10 USD for the professional photo equipment tax. "Excuse me, I never heard about such kind of tax" While I was arguing with the police, some 5,6 polices surrounded me. And they ordered to me "pay it! " A hola, tengo problemo.....

Finally I paid. The 10 bucks bill in my hand was snatched by the police man. And he put it under a paper weight on the table. I saw a bunch of wrinkled notes which was donated by the victims there.
A money "under" the table was placed openly "on" the table in Mexico.

Darkness of night felt down, and I heard music by "Mariachi"
It's easy to take a glance the illumination of "The Star of Texas"on the hill of the US side. But, Ciudad Juarez was absolute Mexico.

May 2005

Today's piece
"Club El Gallito" Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 1995

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