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Everybody knows Barca's No.10

Soccer Club World Cup 2015 in Japan was over. The title went to F.C.Barcelona. I'm not a sports commentator. But even for me their well trained quick pass or accurate ball control was outstanding. With the combination of the team member who's well known each other the football was quite stable without any careless mistake. On the 4th place, Guangzhou Evergrande of China was also good team as Asia Champion. They got Italy national team ex-head coach, Brazil national team players as well as China national team members. Without any doubt they were the No1 Asian football club. In Asia Champions league, all of the J-league participants has been defeated by the Guangzhou. However, Sanfrecce Hiroshima (Host country participant) beat the great wall of Asia in the CWC must be good news for J league.
But even level of Asian foot ball is improving, clear gap of technique still exists between the Asian club and the South American's, River Plate of Argentine for example. More for European Champion Barcelona. The world is such big.

Meanwhile, our Urawa Reds was defeated in ACL first round far back in April. Then they also lost in J-league Champion Ship tournament (play off) last month, finished the league without the title. Yeah, I know Urawa is always like that, cannot win in a big game.
Anyway I went to the stadium. Even though it's an important game, stand was not full. I heard the reason that the supporters who protested to the J-league's new 2 stage and play off regulation boycotted buying the ticket. Enthusiastic supporters. Well, whatever you want, if you want to come to support the club, just come by. If you want to boycott, just do it. This is a free country. No needs to blame each other.
Oh boy! But Urawa was defeated by Gamba Osaka and result in the 3rd place instead of the 2nd place with the total winning point.

So after all I disagree with the 2 stage and play off regulation of J-league. The matches and participants are not scheduled until a couple of days before the games. The club's performance thru whole year is not squarely valued. Those are the reason.
On the other hand, J-league announced that this season's number of spectators slightly increased. The 1st stage, the 2nd and play off, making several climaxes helped increasing the profit, they analyzed. But I don't think it's an adequate stimulation for calling back the fan to J-league. The committee easily say "Please come to a stadium" Although does new fans easily come to a stadium? It costs at least 100USD for parents and two kids just for tickets. So how's watching on TV? Unfortunately not so many games on the air. You must pay for watching most of the games. J-league made annual contracts with certain pay TV. Does new fans try to watch the game as making a contract with pay TV? After all J-league aim at just quick profitable events, like eye catch regulation and some millions dollars licence fee with pay TV. It's not based on long-term plan at all. The point is the games should be touched by the potential funs more easily. As long as J-league declared they would commit to local community, at least for home games, they should give the televising rights to the local air TV in low price. If the audience want see more J-league games, then they'll make a contract with pay TV. Want to see real football games? Buy ticket and come to a stadium.

A rural town of Iran, kids played football on the street. A kid wore an uniform of F.C.Barcelona. They were interested in a foreigner (me) . Then came up. I pointed the kid and asked "Um, Barcelona. Which number?" He turned around and show me the number. It's said "Messi 10" I read it. He nodded with smile. Maybe football fans know who is the number 10 of Barca. In the mean time, do you know who is number 8 of Urawa?
So why a kid in rural town of Iran knows number 10 of Barca? It because he has a chance to see the Barca's game on TV, I guess. In another word, even though he is an excellent player, he would be unknown player whole life without being shown on the media. The easy accessibility helps spreading the fans all over the world. (The club must be good one of course) Increasing the number of fans means makes a revenue of televising rights too. The huge commercial value attracts more sponsors. Licensed goods must be sold a lot. Of course the stadium is always full. The huge profit makes it possible getting big name players. Player would be more competitive. They are always closely watched by the fan on the globe. It makes them to concentrate on each play as a professional. Now we can easily understand why F.C. Barcelona play in such high level.

Dec. 2015

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