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Curry Wurst and Morcilla

The city of Brugos is in the north part of Spain. When you take a bus from Madrid to the north, it's a just before you get into Basque. It's a long time ago. A friend of mine from the city asked me. "Oh, you'll stop by Brugos? Have a Morcilla, which is a local specialty" "So what's the Morcilla, after all?" I asked. "It's a sausage which contains pork blood and rice" She told me. Sounds so grotesque. I sworn in my mind that I would never eat it. Then I left for Brugos.

I got the city late at night. It's so cold because of inland, might be. Moreover I felt snow on my face. The city, which was famous for the magnificent cathedral, was quiet and peaceful. Although the quietness enhanced the cold weather. I had looked for a hostel in the block where the traditional bay window apartments were lined. But it's hard to find it. I got one and talked to the owner. It's full. It's too late to try another hostel. So I asked the owner once again. Finally he nodded " We have space only in kitchen. If you like ..." (Vale, No hay problemo. But is he serious? Kitchen?) Contrary to my concern, the owner brought a folding bed and quickly settled it in the center of the kitchen. "You can use any equipment in the kitchen, fridge, oven ..." Yes, I knew it. Coz it's easily accessible to fridge door on my head. A big oven which could roast even turkey was next to my arm. Exactly it's a kind of heavenly experience sleeping surrounded by foodstuff in the warm kitchen of traditional apartment.

Nevertheless I was told I could use the kitchen, I decided to go out to explore the town for late supper. I stopped by a bar. Let's see... Ah, I got it. A tapas (small plate) of morcilla. After little hesitation, I decided to order. The real morcilla was not so grotesque as I had imagined. Dark colored rice with pork blood was steamed with onion in the sausage. The sliced sausage was fried in a crisp with olive oil.
I tasted hot one. Oh, that's damn good! LoL No smell, lightly salted, crisp ... It tasted like a Japanese fried rice ball. Well prepared fried rice ball. More tasty with a beer. I got another menu "Morcilla sandwich" there. My impression of Brugos is the blood sausage and strange experience sleeping in the kitchen. Morcilla, that was so delicious.

Somehow in winter, I want to eat a sausage. Now I introduce another sausage. But this is not so special like morcilla, just normal frankfurter. "Curry Wrust" is Berlin originated fast food. Here is a recipe. First, boil a frankfurt sausage. Then it's sliced. Dish up on the paper plate. Put tomato ketchup. Finally sprinkle some curry powder on it (This is important). Eating the slice little by little enhances taste of the hot frankfurter. Again nothing is special. No rare food stuff are used.
I had eaten frankfurter with ketchup and mustard in Japan. But it's some discovery to me the fine matching ketchup and curry on the sausage.
Beeline loved curry wurst. So did I. It's sold both restaurant and food stall. Late at night when I was eating at burger shop, a middle aged man comes into the shop. Mohawk hairstyle, leather jacket, a pair of riveted boots and chain accessories on the waist. He was picking a curry wurst slice and French fries with small plastic folk. That's my picture of Berlin. By the way, I think "Curry Wurst" sounds like name of German actor. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruno Ganz, then Curry Wurst. You could find the name on the credit roll.

I believed some day Japanese convenient store lines it up on the menu. But there is no sign so far. Yeah, if you put curry powder on the frankfurter stick, it would be flaked off before putting into your mouth. It should be a slice.
Perfect boiling time, perfect choice of ketchup ... needs some skill for cooking it. Curry Wurst, that was so delicious.

Nov. 2015

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" The city of cathedral" Brugos, Spain 1997

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