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Life and Water vol.2

Meanwhile, daily life water that people can easily access is a pond. You can see a pond every block in Bangladesh. Although I don't know whether man-made water reserve or natural pond after the rainy season. Usually an concrete steps are settled beside
the pond. And neighbors come by and wash the closes just like the river side. The pond in the residential area and surrounding palm trees makes a beautiful scenery of Bangladesh. However, unfortunately, rubbish are thrown to the water without care. I felt it's dirty enough. But neighboring housewives step into the water without hesitation. Then wash the clothes. A young guy sinks down to the water and even washes the mouth with it. Oh, my... Well, look back my childhood. I didn't play in clean environment. I liked poking garages floating on the ditch water flows. But, for some reason, I hesitate to get into the pond in Bangladesh.

I'm getting care what's going on the water supply system in Bangladesh. Of course, you can buy a mineral water to drink. But where is origin of the grass water or cooking water in the restaurant? There is a food stall next to the pond. I see a water tap beside. Wait a minute, is it direct from ... ? I'm little bit worry. No, I really mind of it.
For Dhaka, capital city, 90% of domestic water was well originating water managed by municipal water department. So how about rest of towns? River? Pond?Rain water? I looked it up. In days of old, environmental water, such as river or pond water, used be drunk with purifying as I guess. However recently the rate of well originating water is increasing even in rural town. I also saw huge water reserve tanks in local cities. Rain water reserve, I guess.

In Bangladesh the life is all commit to the water whether good or bad.
There is still risk of epidemics in the country from poor sanitation. Arsenic poisoning is occur in high rate with drinking contaminated water. Furthermore, recently the climate change often bring the unexpected disasters to Bangladesh, I heard. The Bengalese people who has lived there with water for long time, now they gotta think about controlling the water to live.
One rainy day, I must think of people in Bangladesh.

Feb. 2015

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" Aqua Planet " Rajshahi, Bangladesh 2015

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