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Life and Water vol.1

A plane was descending for final approach. There were no buildings below my eyes. I saw stacks, the brick factories I guessed, in the vacant land. A meandering river, small ponds. I got off the plane and went through the time-worm passenger finger looks like built by all handmade glass and steel frame. Passing by wooden partitions and bench of old fashioned waiting room. "I heard the airport was built not so many years ago" I got little worried for the travel just beginning. Although the anxiety's blew off and I adapted to Bangladesh in half an hour.

For following two weeks, the sceneries that I had seen in Bangladesh were repetition of the one that I saw from the plane window. Rivers, ponds, tropical trees and cultivated fields. After all, the sceneries didn't have so big difference wherever I visited. Especially, a river and pond was an essence when I talk about Bangladesh scenery.
One thirds of country is washed by the floods in rainy season. The Ganges originated in Himalaya runs all through India and branched at river mouth like capillaries. Bangladesh people know the fact that floods has good aspect too. Bringing fertile soil to the field, for example. Actually at some place in the world, floods are left just it will be. However Bangladesh is one of the most dense populated country. So the level is important. If it's too much, it becomes disaster.

Now today's subject. Bangladesh people and water. As I mentioned, Bangladesh has such a geographic or climatic circumstances. Therefore people never think the flood river and pond was annoying things. In another words if you hate the water, you cannot survive in Bangladesh.
Road network is often interrupted by the rivers. Surely a ship takes a huge role. Without using a boat, you have to make detour to the point where a bridge cross the river. For Bangladesh people, a river is also very important as domestic water. Housewives bring clothes to the river everyday. Washes it in the river water and slaps it onto the stone again and again. Do you know? the arm of housewife in Bangladesh is quite muscle.
Ducks swim beside them. The ducks and eggs would be standing by at the bazaar. Of course, fisherman's fishes too. You can see bathing people too in the very same river.

Feb. 2015

Today's piece
" Swing back and hit " Rajshahi, Bangladesh 2015

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