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The US society in the radio vol.1

There is the radio station called AFRTS in Japan. It's initials of long named broadcasting network, Armed Forces Radio & Television Service. It's a broadcast by the US armed forces in Japan. It used be called "Far East Network" So maybe the name of FEN is still better known for Japanese.

When I get bored with Japanese radio stations, I tune in to the AFR. It broadcasts both station original program and the one from major network in main land, and also the National Public Radio. For Japanese people, the easiest way to touch with the US society is listening the radio. I have experience living in the US. But even though, I get impression or find a big difference between Japan and the US in the radio programs sometime. So let me recall two listening logs.

The first log was days after the Fukushima Nuke Plant accident in 2011. I tuned the dial in to the AFR. I clearly remember The Yokota U.S. Air base's town meeting live was on the air. Residents of the air base asked about radioactive contamination to the officer.
"Should be kept more than 50 miles away from the plant. The radioactive level at the air base and monitoring. The possibility of aircraft's contamination coming back from the disaster area and preparation for check and decontamination. The questions and answer was square enough , I think.
At the end of the meeting the officer told to the residents who were unease after the catastrophe. " I can feel your stress. If you want to get away from it, three hour flight bring you to the southern island beach. Fortunately the airport operations in Tokyo area is normal" I don't know he's joking or not. But I was saved by the comment.

On the other hand, what the NHK, Japan's public broadcasting organization, on the air was Inter-high school Baseball games. (I don't understand the meaning of existence of the NHK which is run by subscription fee from all Japanese people without choice in this age people pay for only favorite program on pay TV)
In the meantime, on the commercial broadcasting just runs government's announcement "the radioactive in this level does not effect on the body immediately" No accurate data was shown. No clear evacuation area was indicated. "We never give up. Fight to the disaster ..." such kind of slogans were said in media. Maybe it's a same in WWII. No reality was told but spiritualism.

In the panic after the earthquake, ironically I got a chance to know how American community deal with the catastrophic disaster. They faced to the shocking reality then talked each other for the way to deal with.

Jul. 2013

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