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Is India still the standard for Backpackers? vo.2

Well, I think it's a time to finish India.
When I was college students, India was already the standard for Backpackers. Many young travellers chose India as a destination for their first travel. Certainly, India was a low budget traveller's heaven. However it's 25years ago. No infrastructure, no Internet. Travelling around India must be much more tough than today. Now it's the 21st century. I believe India got big change.

So how's today's India. Let's see, you are shown crowd and noise, traditional India, at old quarter side of Delhi. Meanwhile you may meet a quite ordinal urban scene, a modern building, an office and people who use a subway on an opposite side of station. Taking the dog to the park. Actually, it's a daily life you can meet any city in the world. Situation's like that even in Delhi. In business center Munbai, it must be more Westernized.
So all Indian people become more rich than before? Maybe no. Some people live on the bridge. I saw many resident's tents between the rail tracks. India has been called one of the most steeply growing countries for long. After all I'm confused which one is real India.
But the diversity of India is a lucky fact for tourist. Cos, your travel style can be also veritable from rock bottom to luxury one. If you like famous tourist place. India offers a lot as you may know. If you don't like a noisy guide, off the beaten track like I took a wrong bus. You can meet a ordinary pure citizen of India, I'm sure.

But it's meaningless pretending a India's pro here. Coz, this is my first India. In my student days, I always just listen my friend's travel story of India. Well, it's same to the case of Hongkong. I was so timid. I thought "Oh! my. they are so reckless to visit the tough place" Later, I change my mind and travel around the planet. I got some reckless courage. Finally, I got late India Debut. However it makes me watching India from different point.

From the standpoint and the view, India for me is settled right in the middle. I know many places much harder to travel around than India. I know also places much easier to travel around. After all, India is in the middle between them.
How to buy a ticket, How to choose the transport. How to deal with the trouble. Getting insight who's a good person or the bad one. How to dipped yourself into the different culture. How to find a good restaurant... Travelling India is an excellent exercise for your future travel. All the exercises is settled in good valance and difficulty.

That's the reason India attract many young tourist even now. Maybe India is still the standard for Backpackers. More than that, It's incredible India had kept the status for quarter century.

May 2013

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