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Jaisalmer Express

I woke up on the bunk of second class sleeper and saw a man looking out of the window. Bright desert sunshine came into the cabin. A freezy night of the express train was gradually melted.
Before long, other passengers got up, and the bunk bed was folded. They bought a chai from a vendor and sipped it. After that, there was nothing to do but watching the scenery of Thar desert.
A passenger facing me saw I had finished the tea and slightly opened the window. A little formality in India. I threw out a plastic teacup from the slit without hesitation. The cup flipped around and blew off far behind in the desert dust.
After a while, the passengers who had been watching the scenery became noisy. On the direction they pointed, I saw, far away on top of the hill, a great fort of Jaisalmer was shinning in the morning sunlight. Sixteen hours after Delhi, Jaisalmer Express was now finishing its long journey.

In west Rajasthan state, Jaisalmer is a historical desert city foot of the great fort. "Haveli", medieval royal family's house, traditional architecture and people of desert in colorful clothes. Although most of cities tend to be too big and dense populated in India, Jaisalmer is still compact enough and has atmosphere of the twelve century's oasis town.
"You visited Rajasthan? Have you visited Jaisal? It's a beautiful city indeed" I was told like that several times in India. Once I stepped into this city I know why people, even Indian tourist, loves Jaisalmer.

On the other hand, the people's features here is much closer to the Pakistani or Afghan than the one rest of India. But it's easy to make sense because this city's located in just 100km distance from India - Pakistani border.
Let's say, if you travel to the west from Japan, Bengal must be the first big change in people's features. It's the point Indian multi-mixed features begins. Then as going to more west, here must be the next changing point. Jaisalmer is an introduction for next stage in western people's features.

When the people's face was lighten by the sunset, the fort and city ... everything shine in gold. Outside of city is just wild desert. Hundreds of wind generators stand in the barren field.

Mar. 2013

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" Jaisalmer Express " Rajasthan state, India 2012

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