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India, Travelin' the train vol.2

I got running rearward along the train. The rail track was covered by litters and excrement. No lights around. (If I'll be left, I have to spend the cold night here) "Clunk!" Suddenly steel couplers made a huge sound, and the train's wheels rounded slowly. "Oh! my .. I gotta ride" I climbed up on the train deck nearby. Is this an action movie?
I asked a man on the deck. "Excuse me. I wanna go to the sleeper class car #5" "It's all the way front" he said. "Oh. I moved from the front cos I was told it's all the way back" "Really? Wait a minute" All passengers around me came together and started discussing about it. Now I got a conclusion. "Two cars back"

The next stop was at least station like. I got off and move for two carriages. Got into the cabin and looked for my place. I showed my ticket to the family nearby. "Hahaha, You are on the first class sleeper. I think s5 is all the way front" "Sorry? I was told two cars back. So I'm here" "Any way, you can stay here until next station. It must take half an hour" They said and made a space for me. (Heuuu, but this first class is nice. If I can stay here forever? No, I must go)
Before long, a conductor was passing by. The family asked him my place. It's said two cars back. I was thoroughly confused.

The train got to the station. I thanked to the family and got off. Once again, I ran with shoulder bag. The stoppage time was short. The train was extremely long. I jumped on the carriage. Then I asked a passenger without confidence. "I don't know" He answered. For standing passengers it doesn't matter the car number as long as it's a second class car.
When I glanced in the cabin, I met my eyes with a young man on the top bunk far inside. I sent him a hand sign in the crowds. "S5?" He nodded. I thumbed up to him.
However the upright thumb was turned in 180 degree when I saw a packed passengers all the way on the aisle from the deck. (Can't get there)
After all it took two more stations to reach there and, to make matter worse, strange Indian mam slept on my bed. I settled on middle bunk instead. Two hours had been passed after Delhi till then. Exhausted ...

And now, I get another nightmare. I was waiting the train for Delhi at Agra station. However there was no sign for coming the train. The one in the next platform looked like it. I asked about it just before it left. It was the one I had to take. The departure platform had been changed. The carriage I took in a hurry was a first class again.
So all my choice was just would leave there or pay the first class fare five times of the second. Now here I am on the second class deck.

I think India's train service should be more organized. At least we need a car order map. I was told later, I can ensure the car number with small sign board on the body side. But in urgent situation, how I can check the tiny sign on the middle of the coach and run up to the door on the end?
Any way, what I've learned from the experience is the train system isn't helpful but Indian passengers are quite helpful and kind enough.

Feb. 2013

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