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Dining car

In my childhood, I really liked the dining car of Shinkansen, Japanese bullet train. Because I could find tasty food and sweets I usually rarely came across.
However as a train was speeding up, the spending time in the train had been shorten. Eventually the dining car disappeared from Japanese train.

Now let's start this issue with a train in China. A long distance train in China still has a dining car. China is big country, so inevitably you gotta have some meals on the train. But, unfortunately, the dining car doesn't serve a great dish to me.
So gotta sit on the bed and eat a boxed lunch? I have no choice? "The passengers in lower bed have a bench seat and table. Although We, the upper bunk enthusiasts don't have even place to eat? Give the right to eat for the upper bunk sleeper!!"

Don't worry. Chinese train is roomy. Tables and folding chairs are set besides the aisle along the compartments. You can sit there and talk to the other passengers, watch outside, and of course eat the meal.
So what kind of meal I eat there? Unfortunately, a sold lunch box is not so delicious for the price. Then it comes up, a cup noodles. That's a reason passengers bought out a bunch of giant cup noodles like before they took the train.

When we passengers get hungry, get start preparing the giant cup noodles. A Thermos filled up with hot water also prepared tidily besides the each table. Conductress is generally standing by at the end of each car and always takes care for the hot water in the Thermos.
If it were in Japan, those tables are occupied by one couple and others may complain about them. Then it would become a trouble. However Chinese passenger has more flexibility. They give the place to me after they have meal with pleasure.

After all, the most impressive image traveling in China to me is sitting at the small table beside the window, chatting with people as eating a jumbo cup noodles, meanwhile the beautiful scenery of Takla Makan Desart or Ocher Plateau is passing by out side of the window. I'm really satisfied with it.
Then I noticed the real reason why I liked spending time at the dining car of Shinkansen train. It was not for eating tasty food but for the event I could experience only on the train.

Sep. 2012

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