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Summer Time

I clearly remember the pretty beach in the photo. The sandy beach might be made up artificially. A couple of women in the bikini and families were on the beach. Children were playing on the surfside. One beach house and one store. Yeah, I remember the beach had a lifeguards too. Next to the simple beach was a cement factory. Tall smokestacks stood beside it. Maybe this contrast between a charming beach and big factory gave strong impression to me. It's strange scenery as if I'm dreaming. Suddenly a jazz standard number came out in my mind. It's titled "Summer time" I don't know why. Anyway, Just imagined the song for the picture.

"南Y島" in HongKong can read as "Lamma Island" I had read it as "South Y Island" So I always wonder what the 'Y' is initial for. Then I got to know the Y is kwanji.
The name was so attractive to me. But I had never had chance to visit there. On the day, when I was walking in the Central harbor of HongKong Island, I found the signboard "Ferry to Lamma Island". Then I jumped into the boat without thinking twice. The express boat skirted along HongKong Island making big splash.

Weekday afternoon There were lot of kids in the cabin. I thought they were on the day trip to Lamma Island. But gathering from they were talking about their school or show the result of test each other, they seemed like going back their home. The figures were not like Chinese but various. They spoke in fluent English. So the cabin was quite non-nationality space. They must live in Lamma Island and go to school in the Central. Must be some adventure everyday. But they seemed like really enjoyed the time in the speed boat.

The boat got to The Picnic Bay in the south part of the island. Shortly after, the kid had gone in each direction. And which left on the pier was just me, commuter's bikes and hot afternoon air. I decided to walk to another pier in the north. The island covered with tropical plants, full of natures. Sometime I met a residence, B&B or restaurant. The hiking course was a series of up'n down. So not easy walking, although you can look over the ocean from hill top from time to time and it's really beautiful.

Before long, I got the charming beach. The snap photo was taken there.

After the beach, I walked about two miles. I saw the village below. Yung Shue Wan. The north port of the island. Seafood restaurants lined in the both side of the lane. Must be full on holiday. There was a ferry service to Aberdeen on the south coast of HongKong Island. Takes half an hour. It made me remember this island was close to the city.
HongKong has some image of densely populated city. However actually, HongKong also has a bunch of preserved green areas. In another words, people has lot of places to be relaxed on holiday. I really envy it.

Jul. 2012

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" Summer Time " HongKong, China 2011

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