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Shanghai tea party vol.1

"So many people today, uh?"
"Yeah. Weather is good. The best time for our business, isn't it?"
Here is the bund of Shanghai. A boardwalk along the Huangpu River is swarming of tourists, who are watching the skyscrapers opposite side the river in the twilight.
And here is a young couple. Apparently, they aren't tourists, well knowing around here. The two watches tourists sticking on the handrail of the walk from a distance. Before long they find a man who looks traveling alone. He is walking with hanging a SLR camera from his neck. "Let's go with him" They nod.

Action! They move to a position where the SLR man walking to. Then get start taking picture on the skyscrapers' back ground. They make posing and photograph each other. At the same time, the SLR man is passing by. Everything's on the plan. The girl gets start conversation in Chinese. However the SLR man doesn't make sense. This is also on the plot. Now the man talk to him in English.
"Excuse ... Could you push the shutter button for us?"
The SLR man accepts the request. Then he shows them the image on the screen. However the couple gives NG for the image and ask for "Take two" The SLR man who has some self-confidence in photo technique looks getting shock for the NG.

However, the "take two" makes closer the relation between them. Using the atmosphere of friendliness, the man of the couple starts talking.
"Where are you from? Japanese?"
"Yeah! I am"
Once they know he is Japanese, now it's the girl's part. She talks to him in fluent and friendly Japanese.
"Do you travel alone?"
"Yeah. I do"
"We are tourists too, from other city in China. You must be boring to be alone. Why don't you have a tea with us?"
Walking around the city alone with camera is his style. So the SLR man thinks it twice.
"Sorry, but I have appointment for dinner with my friend" He makes it up.
"Oh ... well .. but just a cup of tea. How about just half an hour before you meet your friend? How's the earthquake? I feel sorry for that. We want hear you about Japan. Come on, for just half an hour, let's having a tea somewhere nearby"
Silence ... then a clock tower hits the chime six times.

After watching the beautiful scenery, having tea with Chinese couple who accidentally knowing each other isn't bad. The SLR man is changing his mind.
Finally he agrees with it. The three gets start walking. The man of the couple introduces him as Potter while the girl does as Wendy. Wendy has an initiative for conversation. She tells about her Japanese class in school, their travel schedule after this, the facts she's "EXPO mania" and visited Aichi Expo in Japan several years ago, and Japanese Show biz gossip in fluent Japanese. Meanwhile for Potter, he turning guide book pages with nodding in the conversation.

They are now walking on Beijing Dong Lu. Potter who has walked facing down on the guide book all the way faces up suddenly and look around.
"It must be there"
The direction of his eyes is a Chinese antique shop. A small signboard, maybe nobody noticed it, hanging under the eaves says "tea" Looks like the tea shop is on the second floor. The SLR man is a little bit surprised.
Because from the words "Have a cup of tea" what he expected is a "Starbucks" thing. So he looks worry about it. But Potter and Wendy don't care about him and get into the antique shop where statues of Buddha or curving woods antiques are displayed like a museum.

Apr. 2012

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